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Happy July 4th

Wishing everyone a super celebratory summer weekend! And for anyone not able to watch fireworks, here’s one for you!

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Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Update

Today in The Atlantic is a well-researched article – When Missed Periods are a Metabolic Problem – on PCOS, a disease that affects up to 10 percent of woman and can seriously affect one’s ability to become pregnant.

Unfortunately, as the article points out: “awareness of the condition is not widespread and many physicians do not […]

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Summer Tip #2

More advice from The Whole Life Fertility Plan as you start your summer: Kim Ross, holistic nutritionist for the NYU Fertility Center, recommends that when you reach the point where you want to get pregnant soon, you should limit yourself to about three drinks a week – red wine, preferably.

Cheers to a happy, healthy season!

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Father’s Day and Infertility

RESOLVE has some helpful suggestions on coping with any emotional issues regarding infertility over the Father’s Day weekend. The best way to deal with any feelings of guilt or frustration is to seek out support.

My best wishes to all fathers, soon-to-be fathers, and would-be fathers!

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Summer Tip #1

In my book, The Whole Life Fertility Plan, we talk about where to find safe products for the body.

And now as you contemplate which sun tanning lotion to buy, check out www.ewg.org/skindeep. The site is run by the Environmental Working Group,  a nonprofit that was instrumental in reforming the sunscreen industry by exposing unsafe ingredients.

Then […]

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Best Doctors 2015

I am proud once again to have been chosen for Best Doctors 2015 – published in the latest issue of New York Magazine. This is my 18th consecutive year making the list, and I am honored to be included in such a stellar group of doctors.

I also wish to congratulate my colleague at the NYU […]

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A TED-Ed IVF Video

TED-Ed has created this excellent video which explains the IVF process.

Since 1978 when Louise Brown was born – the first baby to be born by IVF – over 5 million babies having been born to date using in vitro fertilization. Amazing statistics!

Sperm Facts

Did you know it takes 2 months to make sperm? Or that 90% of ejaculated sperm is deformed? If not, and want to know 5 more facts about sperm, check out this article on the Medical Daily website.

As I always say, knowledge is power.

Also, wishing everyone a happy, healthy June!

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Mothers Over 50

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that: while not widespread, births to women 50 and older do happen — more now than ever before. A total of 677 US women over the age of 50 gave birth in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s […]

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