Kyra Phillips, my co-author on The Whole Life Fertility Plan, recently shared her fertility journey on CNN and her thoughts on egg freezing, in particular. In the article, she writes:

The history that is being written now is about an entirely different type of women’s equality — it’s about giving a woman the ability to put her DNA on ice, stop that biological clock from ticking and avoid rushing into pregnancy because of the body’s aging process.

This helps to level the playing field at the workplace. Women can delay childbirth and no longer have to say “no” to that promotion. They don’t have to marry the first fraudulent Prince Charming that comes around in the hopes of getting pregnant before their eggs are covered in cobwebs.

Along with my fertility doctor, I wrote “The Whole Life Fertility Plan” to empower women and show them there are things you can do now at all ages to preserve your fertility, egg freezing being one of those ways.